Why choose professional prints over consumer prints...

The photo session you've been excited for has taken place and the edited photos look amazing! The photographer has uploaded the photos to an online gallery for you to share or download at your leisure and now it's time to order prints! Where do you order prints from?

I am sure everyone is faced with this decision at least once if they ever have professional photos taken. Are the professional prints worth the money since the consumer prints are less expensive? 

When you purchase prints from stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc the quality is less than you get from a pro company like WHCC, Millers, or Bayphoto. The consumer prints are usually off in color and not as sharp as they would be coming from a pro prints company and the color can literally differ from one photo to the next! The paper used in consumer prints is not meant to last years and it's not as high quality as the pro paper, therefore; it will not last as long as the professional prints will last. The consumer prints lack the luster, consistency, and quality of prints ordered from a professional printing company! 

More than likely your photographer has a professional print company they primary use for printing your memories to last a lifetime. The photographer and the printing company have built a relationship over the years and both want to make sure you are happy! 

When you are faced with the decision of choosing where to have your memories printed, always choose a professional printing lab! You will NOT be disappointed!